Syndicate Investing

For many investors the decision to invest in real estate is a simple one, however, coming up with enough capital to effectively pull it off can be an overwhelming barrier to entry. Real Estate Syndicates are groups of investors that pool their money to purchase more real estate together than they would be able to purchase individually. For first time investors this is a great way to learn about investing and to diversify investments at the same time.

Property Management of Louisville, LLC has partnered up with Vintage Realty Holdings, LLC in the management of their syndicated holdings.

Vintage Realty Holdings, LLC

Vintage Realty Holdings, LLC. Is a real estate investment syndicate formed by General Member Brian Stocker.

Brian Stocker is a licensed principal broker in the states of Kentucky and Indiana and the owner of Property Management of Louisville, LLC that specializes in the Sales/Leasing/Management of over 450 investment units in the Louisville Metropolitan area.

Brian Stocker licensed principal broker.

What is a Real Estate Syndicate?

A Real Estate Syndicate is defined as any form of organization which allows two or more investors to participate in the ownership of an interest in real estate. Vintage Realty Holdings syndicates take the form of either a Short Term Syndicate (target holding period of less than 90 days before disposition) and a Long Term Syndicate (target holding period of 1-2 years before disposition).

The Vintage Advantage

The added value of the Vintage Realty Holdings General Members comes from their macro view of the distressed housing market while leveraging their experience and resources in the Louisville metropolitan area. This macro view helps create an Acquisition Plan to identify target distressed real estate assets (held by banks, distressed owners, landlords, foreclosure sales and absolute auctions), a Syndication Plan to maximize investor returns during the holding period and finally the Liquidation Plan for the ultimate disposition of the syndicated asset.

Partnership with Property Management of Louisville

While the General members handle the macro responsibilities the micro responsibilities will be handled through a partnership with Property Management of Louisville who will streamline the acquisition, stabilization/rehab, management and disposition of the syndicated assets.

Sales of Membership Interests

Sales of Membership Units will be made through the General Members directly on a quarterly basis.

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